AIOZ Tube Token – Earn Unlimited AIOZ Token By Watching Ads

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AIOZ Tube Token

AIOZ Tube Token – Earn Unlimited AIOZ Token By Watching Ads

AIOZ Token Airdrop, AIOZ Tube Token , AIOZ Tube Token Airdrop, Earn Free Crypto, AIOZ Airdrop, Earn Free AIOZ Token – Hello Trickunlimited Readers, Here I Am Back With another Free Earning Opportunity For You From AIOZ Tube. You Can Earn Unlimited Free AIOZ Token By Watching Ads On AIOZ Tube. This Is a Video streaming Platform Like YouTube but It Is Decentralised. you can watch various videos Like YouTube but in youtube Only Publisher Can Earn Ads Profit, Here In AIOZ Tube Publisher and Viewers Both Will Earn From Ads.

AIOZ Network, Layer 1 Blockchain-Based Content Delivery Network (CDN), opens to the new era of Internet Streaming powered by you. Earn your first coin at AIOZ Tube, a Decentralized video platform built on AIOZ Blockchain.

AIOZ Tube Token

AIOZ Network is a distributed CDN built on our very own Blockchain. On AIOZ Network, users share redundant memory, storage and bandwidth resources to create a vast CDN capable of powering streaming platforms anywhere in the world. We aim to change the way the world streams videos. 

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AIOZ Tube Token – How Earn Unlimited AIOZ Token

1. First of All visit AIOZ Tube Website Through Below Link.

Visit Here

2. You will be redirect to AIOZ Tube Homepage, Tap On Sign Up.

AIOZ Tube Homepage

3. Here enter your some details like your name, email password and tap on Sign Up.


4. Now for verification you will receive a OTP in your email, just enter the OTP and go forward.


5. Now you are ready to earn free AIOZ Token by watching ads on AIOZ Tube. Play any video there you will can see ads for watching ads you will earn some AIOZ Token for free.

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6.  Watch full Ads to earn Maximum AIOZ Token if you skip the ads you will earn only some AIOZ Tube Token.

7.  You can check Your AIOZ Token balance By tapping on profile >> My wallet.

2021-03-11 18.59.42

8. Now You Can see your Wallet Balance

2021-03-11 19.14.30

9. This Token Is Not Listed On Any Exchange Right Now, When It Will Listed On Any Exchange You Will Earn Huge Amount So Don’t This Loot.  Join Our Telegram Channel To Get Latest About This Token And more Others Free Crypto Airdrop.

How To Create AIOZ Wallet & Withdraw AIOZ Token

How To Create AIOZ Wallet

1. First of All Click On Below link To Create AIOZ Wallet.


2. Tap On Create Wallet

2021-03-11 19.28.44

3. Now Create a new password and Confirm the password and Tap on Download Keystore.

2021-03-11 19.31.30

4. You will see A Warning Massage Just tap on Continue.

2021-03-11 19.31.30

5. Now tap on download My Private Key and Tap On Continue.

2021-03-11 19.46.39

6. That’s it you have successfully Create Your AOIZ Wallet. Tap On Unlock Unlock Wallet.

2021-03-11 19.42.18

How Withdraw AIOZ Tube Token

1. Now To withdraw Your AIOZ Token From AIOZ Tube Just Open Your AIOZ Wallet.

2.  You Have To Login Your AIOZ Wallet, For that tap on  Privatekey >> Browse .

2021-03-11 19.59.56

3. select The Private Key In Your File.

2021-03-11 20.00.54

4. Enter Wallet Password and tap On Unlock Wallet.

2021-03-11 20.02.35

5. After Successfully Login Into wallet You Will Redirect To Homepage There Just Tap On Receive .

2021-03-11 20.07.05

6. Here You Will See Your AIOZ Receive address Just Copy The Address.

2021-03-11 20.28.46

7. Open AIOZ Tube and Go To Profile >> My Wallet >> Withdraw

8. Paste Wallet Address, Enter Amount And Enter Your Password And tap on submit.

2021-03-11 20.27.34

9. Instantly You will Receive Your AIOZ Token In Your AIOZ Wallet.

Note:  Please Store Keystore/ Mnemonic / private Key Safely If You Lost Private Key You Can’t be access your AIOZ Wallet.

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