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    Since only 3 referrals are allowed/counted in 24 hours
    You should use referral code/links from comments too

    I have used admin’s link for sign-up but haven’t received my sign-up coins worth ₹50

    Since it is possible that more than 3 person use admin’s link for sign-up and not everyone receive sign-up amount

    But when I referred my friend he received his sign-up coins worth ₹50 and I too received my referral coin amount worth ₹50 when he competed his KYC

    • Only 3 referrals are allowed per user/link in 24 hours
      Admin’s link’s quota of 3 might be exhausted.

      Use my referral link https://coinswitch.co/in/refer?tag=jieW

      I have coinswitch gift voucher worth Rs100 Bitcoins (only for new users signed up after 6.5.21)
      You will earn 50 on signup from link and 55 from my gift voucher total you will earn 100 on signup
      Whosoever interested in buying this voucher at Rs45 DM/Ib @NikhilNavariya on telegram.
      Please message before 31 May.


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