Google Pay Mango Fest Offer – Collect 200 Mangoes & Get Upto ₹100 Cashback

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Google Pay Mango Fest Offer

Hello TrickUnlimited Readers!! Introducing the exciting new offer from Google Pay Mango Fest! Just like before, this is a cashback and offer game where you collect items to win rewards. In this edition, collect mangoes to secure guaranteed cashback of up to ₹100. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Google Pay Mango Fest Offer

Google Pay Mango Fest Offer that allows you to earn cashback on your purchases of mangoes from select merchants. To participate in the offer, you must first download the Google Pay app and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can start earning cashback by making purchases of mangoes from select merchants. The amount of cashback you earn will depend on the amount of your purchase and the merchant you are purchasing from.

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Google Pay Mango Fest Offer – Collect 200 Mangoes & Get Upto ₹100 Cashback

1. First Of All Download Or Update Google Pay App From Google Play Store .

2. Visit the homepage and look for the “Google Pay Mango Fest Offer” banner.

2. If you don’t see the banner, simply open the Google Indi-Home Game and you’ll find it there.

3. Start the game by clicking on the designated button.

4. Upon joining, you will instantly receive 5-10 Mangoes as a reward.

5. Click on the Mango Match Game button located at the bottom right corner and play the game.

6. You can collect 3-5 Mangoes from the game.

7. Share the game with your friends and collect up to 20 Mangoes from them.

8. Once you have collected 200 Mangoes, you become eligible for cashback of up to ₹100.

9. You will receive a scratch card as a part of the Google Pay Mango Fest Offer.

10. Scratch the card to reveal and claim your cashback of up to ₹100.

[Trick & Tips] How to Share Your Links & Get Instant 200 Mangoes

Do Comment Your Link And  Just share you link & wait for others to click on your link. The more people help , the faster you will reach on your target of 200 Mangoes.

More About The Google Pay Mango Fest Offer

  • Gather 200 mangoes with the help of your friends by June 4th to earn up to ₹100 cashback.
  • You can invite as many friends as you want to assist you in picking mangoes, but only their contributions will count towards your total.
  • Each friend can only help you pick mangoes once throughout the campaign period.
  • Once you have successfully collected 200 mangoes, you will receive Mango Fest rewards.
  • All the rewards you earn will be added to your rewards channel.
  • If you earn any scratch cards, make sure to scratch them within 45 days of receiving them, or they will expire.
  • The cashback you earn will be deposited into your UP|-enabled bank account linked to Google Pay.
  • If you don’t have a linked account or encounter issues with it, your cashback will expire after 45 days without being added.

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