GPay Britannia 5050 Game : Win Cashback and Grab Match Tickets

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GPay Britannia 5050 Game

Gpay Britannia 5050 4th Umpire Offer, GPay Britannia 5050 Game, Britannia 5050 4th Umpire Game, Britannia 5050 4th Umpire Offer – Are you a cricket enthusiast eagerly awaiting the Cricket World Cup? If so, Google Pay has an exciting treat for you in collaboration with Britannia 5050. Get ready to collect cards, earn cashback, and stand a chance to win free match tickets in the GPay Britannia 5050 4th Umpire Offer. We’ve seen various contests on Google Pay before, but this one promises to be a game-changer.

GPay Britannia 5050 Game

The Cricket World Cup is just around the corner, and this time it’s happening in India! Google Pay has teamed up with Britannia 5050 to bring you an exhilarating contest where you can not only win cashback but also score those coveted match tickets. If you’ve been following Google Pay contests closely, you might have participated in thrilling contests like Thumbsup Contest, Limca Sportz Contest, and Royalstag Fan Contest. However, the GPay Britannia 5050 Contest promises something unique.

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How to Play GPay Britannia 5050 4th Umpire Game & Win Cashback and Match Tickets

1. Visit the GPay Britannia 5050 4th Umpire Game: To kick-start your journey to cashback and match tickets, visit the GPay Britannia 5050 4th Umpire Game.

2. Unlock the Game: Scroll down and click on “Unlock Game” to dive into the exciting world of cricket and collectibles.

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3. Purchase Britannia 5050 Biscuits: Purchase a pack of Britannia 5050 biscuits that proudly flaunts the Google Pay logo.

4. Scan the QR Code or Enter the Code: On your chosen pack, either scan the QR code or manually enter the unique 16-digit numeric code found on the last row of packet details. This code is your golden ticket to the Offer Page within the Google Pay app.

photo_2023-09-25 21.39.43

5. Play the Cricket Match Game: Your pack will provide a specific number of gameplays depending on the variety you’ve chosen:

  • 5050 Sweet and Salty: 2 gameplays
  • 5050 Maska Chaska: 3 gameplays
  • 5050 Golmaal: 4 gameplays
  • 5050 Potazos: 4 gameplays

As you enter the game, you’ll find yourself in the hot seat as the umpire for an animated cricket match. Your task is to make quick decisions about the match’s outcome within a time frame. Remember, there are no replays, so each video can be watched only once.

photo_2023-09-25 21.40.45

  • Collect Game Cards: For every correct decision you make, you’ll be rewarded with collectible game cards. These cards may be new or duplicates, and your goal is to collect the unique game cards relevant to your current game level.

  • Progress and Earn Rewards: As you move up the levels, you’ll not only earn cashback but also exclusive rewards. There are a total of 8 unique game cards to collect, each with its significance:

    • OUT
    • SIX
    • NO BALL
    • WIDE
    • FOUR
    • DRS

photo_2023-09-25 21.41.54


The rewards are based on the game level you achieve:

  • Level 1: Collect all 3 unique game cards and earn ₹10-₹25 cashback.

  • Level 2: Collect all 6 unique game cards and earn ₹25-₹100 cashback.

  • Level 3: Collect all 7 unique game cards and win an exclusive merchandise.

  • Level 4: Collect all 8 unique game cards and win a cricket match ticket.

To be eligible for a reward, you must complete all previous levels. To redeem your cashback, simply use Google Pay for your next transaction within 7 days. The winners of cricket match tickets and merchandise will be announced on Britannia’s contest website after verification.

Offer Validity Period:

The Google Pay Britannia Offer is valid from September 15, 2023, until November 7, 2023, or until stocks last, or product expiry, whichever comes first. Ensure you have the latest version of the Google Pay app to access all the features and maximize your chances of winning big.

So, if you’re a cricket aficionado, don’t miss this golden opportunity to combine your love for the game with exciting rewards. Play the GPay Britannia 5050 4th Umpire Game, collect those cards, and who knows, you might be cheering for your favorite team at the Cricket World Cup, all thanks to Google Pay and Britannia 5050!

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