SafePal Moonpot Airdrop – Get Upto $50 Worth POTS Token

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SafePal Moonpot Airdrop

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SafePal Moonpot Airdrop  

Moonpot is a win-win lottery on Binance Smart Chain that rewards everyone who takes part. Deposit crypto in one of their savings pots and you are automatically entered into a regular lottery. During the SafePal WHO X Moonpot campaign, all the whitelist participants will share a 1,000,000 $POTS reward pool and also earn extra yields from the win-win lottery from Moonpot. Scroll down and learn how to participate.

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SafePal Moonpot Airdrop – Get Upto $50 Worth POTS Token

  1. First Of All Just Download SafePal App Through The Below Link.

[ Download Now ]

2. Install And Open The App And Select Software Wallet .

photo_2021-07-19 23.40.01

3. To Protect Your Account You Have to Complete Few Security Steps So Now Tap On Next.

photo_2021-07-19 23.42.53

4. Create A Strong Password, Accept The T&C And Tap On Submit.

photo_2021-07-19 23.44.46

5. Now Tap On Start SafePal Journey.

photo_2021-07-19 23.46.03

6. Again Tap On Software Wallet And Tap On Create New Wa

photo_2021-07-19 23.47.18

7. Enter Your Password And Tap On Confirm.

photo_2021-07-19 23.49.04

8. Now Tap On BackUp Phrase And Note Down The 12 BackUp Phrase In Your Notebook Or Take A Picture.

photo_2021-07-20 00.27.24

9. You Will Be Redirected To Homepage, Now Just DApp Section And Click On Wallet Holder Offering-POTs.

photo_2021-07-20 00.30.19

10. Here You Have To Select & Complete the ‘Whitelisted’ tasks. So First Of All Tap On Twitter, Telegram & Share One By One.

photo_2021-07-20 00.36.00

◼︎ Twitter Task

        1.  Follow Moonpot & SafePal on Twitter
        2.  Retweet the official announcement of SafePal x Moonpot WHO Airdrop along with your unique referral code. Your referral code can be found in the Wallet Holder Offering DApp within the App.
        3.  Come back to the Twitter task within the Wallet Holder Offering DApp, paste your RT link into space, and click ‘Verify’
        4.  Then you can earn extra 0.1 Shares of the reward pool once you finish the Moonpot CAKE game in Step 4.

Note: The Twitter account must be older than 180 days and have more than 10 followers.

◼︎ Telegram Task

        1. Open Telegram, search for the ‘SFPSam_bot, and click /Start.
        2. Follow the instructions and join the Moonpot and SafePal community.
        3. Once joined, open the ‘Wallet Holder Offering-POTS‘ DApp in the SafePal App, and enter the Telegram task
        4. Click the ‘Verify’ button, then you can earn extra 0.1 Shares of the reward pool once you finish the Moonpot CAKE game in Step 4

◼︎ Referral Task

      1. Scroll Down The Page And Enter Given Referral Code.

Moonpot Game Referral Code – NZTYZGEM

photo_2021-07-20 00.49.28

         2. Now Copy Your Own Referral Code And Share It With Your Friends Or Social Media To Earn 0.1 Share On Each Refer.

◼︎ Play the Moonpot CAKE game

        1. This is a Moonpot exclusive task for the registered whitelist users from the campaign. Requirements are as followed:
        2. To finish this task, please stake at least 10 CAKE into the win-win lottery on the Moonpot DApp through the SafePal wallet before the WHO campaign officially ends at 2PM UTC on July 25, 2021. The staking period is 14 days and the wallets that complete this game will be credited with 3 shares.
        3. In the meantime, you will earn passive income in CAKE, and bonus BIFI, from the Moonpot protocol and have a chance to win the weekly lottery.

Rewards Distribution

  • By the time the campaign ends on July 25, 2021, all participants who have successfully finished the Moonpot CAKE game will share the POTS Token reward pool.
  • The reward token amount each participant receives is calculated based on how many participants are sharing the pool and how many tasks the participants complete. The calculation formula is as follows:
  • Each Participant’s SFP Reward = [ 1,000,000 POTS Tokens/ Number Of Total Tasks Completed ] * Number Of Tasks Completed By Each Participant

Campaign Timeline

  • Before 2AM UTC, July 22: Users can sign up for the whitelist within the SafePal App
  • 2AM UTC, July 22: A snapshot will be taken. After the snapshot, whitelist users are able to view and participate in the Moonpot CAKE game within the WHO DApp.
  • 2PM UTC, July 25: The Moonpot WHO Campaign will end.
  • July 28: Calculation of the results will be announced on the SafePal blog and the tokens will be displayed within the WHO DApp.
  • After the POTS listing date: The POTS tokens will be sent to the qualified participants’ BSC addresses by the SafePal. Please note that there is no confirmed date of POTS listing yet.

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